God Answers Science

God Answers Science is a biblical/scientific chronological account of the universe from the Big Bang to its end, while turning the assertion of the Bible’s incompatibility with science on its head. This remarkable revelation starts at the Big Bang Planck time (10 -43 second) with the biblical explanation of the energy/mass duality of E=MC2 at the creation event. The Bible further reveals the fabric of space, Higgs field, general relativity, universe’s flat geometry, laws of physics, mathematics, cosmic inflation and elementary particles which is just the first second of this 13.8-billion-year journey. From the first second to the formation of the Earth the Bible predicted dark matter, how stars formed, birth and death of stars, distinct proper movement of constellations, galaxies, dark energy, an accelerating universe, plate tectonics, mass extinctions, addresses evolution, along with an unprecedented account of Genesis chapter one. No longer is Genesis an Achilles heel in the religion/science dialogue, it reveals (in chronological order) the formation of our Solar System and Earth in particular from the Hadean Eon to the Cenozoic Era; while affirming we are indeed star dust.

God is both creator and sustainer of the universe. The Bible predicted copious amounts of scientific phenomena observed today that preserves the universe, Earth and life affirming God as Sustainer. The Bible goes on to predict the end of both the universe and the Earth which compares with current scientific observations. These ancient predictions are tested by modern scientific discovery. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence! God has been waiting a long time for these latest of extraordinary witnesses. The Bible has used science to bear witness of its truth, just as Jesus declared in John 5:31.

If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true. (John 5:31)


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